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Columbia Southern University “I think a portion of why we see these over and over again is there’s a lot of parts to many of the standards, which makes it easier for OSHA to cite us if we missed something, and some parts take time to implement,” said Dankert, senior safety consultant at the National Safety Council. “They aren’t necessarily bad, but they do take resources, and for smaller organizations, people might be doing HR and safety, or they’re doing facility maintenance and safety. Maybe they’re the person, the admin, that sits in the lobby and they’re trying to do safety on the side.” Newquist, a former longtime OSHA employee, agrees that “nuances of the standard” contribute to more frequent citations. For example, the four most cited sections of the Hazard Communication Standard (1910.1200) – the second most cited standard in FY 2019 – require employers to develop or provide a written HazCom program, hazardous chemicals training, copies of mandatory Safety Data Sheets for each chemical and labeling for each chemical, respectively. “If you have a lot of chemicals, it’s really hard to keep track of those,” Dankert said. Employers should view the Top 10 list as a good starting point on the path to correcting hazards in their workplaces. “Minimally,” Dankert said, “an employer should have the responsibility of asking, ‘Do any of these Top 10 affect me?’ Because this is the easiest place if our friends from OSHA should come to visit. Those are the gimmes, kind of. So if we wear respirators, do I have a strong respiratory protection program? Can I take a deep dive into it, make sure I have all the parts and pieces in place? “‘Or if I use chemicals, like with HazCom, or if we use ladders?’ There’s no doubt that employers could use that listing as a way to just check themselves from an audit perspective.” Many mainstays on the Top 10 list carry associated training requirements. As the pandemic impacts the economic climates of organizations nationwide, Dankert encourages employers to continue to make training a priority. Associate Editor Kevin Druley discusses this article in the December 2020 episode of Safety+Health's “On the Safe Side” podcast. “When revenue goes down, organizations tend to sometimes pull back on training,” she said. “and so I would encourage people not to pull back on your safety training. With some things, we’re struggling within organizations because maybe we’ve done classroom training, but now because of physical distancing and so forth, we don’t want to put too many people in an area. That might mean we’ve got to have more classroom training sessions. That takes more time. Time is money. So I think just be cautious about deferring training too long or pulling back on your safety and health training.” This is especially important for training related to hazard recognition and communication. Don’t leave these up to experience or perceived common sense, Dankert and Newquist say.

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The HSE do know who nearly 900 people who received the COVID-19 vaccine are or if they received the jab out of sequence. As of Monday, the number of COVID-19 jabs administered is being updated daily on the Government’s COVID-19 hub. On Wednesday morning, the latest figures state that as of Sunday, February 6, there had been 240,487 vaccines administered. Nearly 900 ‘other’ people have received the COVID-19 vaccine, HSE figures show. Pic: William Campbell/Getty Images Some 153,654 were first dose vaccines, while 86,833 have received two COVID-19 doses. A further breakdown revealed that 90,373 people in cohort one have been vaccinated. According to the Government’s sequencing plan, these are people aged 65 years and older who are residents of long-term care facilities. This also includes staff in the facility. In addition, 149,227 people in cohort two (frontline healthcare workers) have also received the jab. Nursing home residents and healthcare workers are the only people who should be receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. Pic: Marc O’Sullivan However, the latest figures on the data hub reveal that 887 ‘other’ people have also received the COVID-19 vaccine. There is not, however, a breakdown of who these other people are. In addition to this, the number of ‘other’ people increased by 18% in the space of a number of days. Nearly 900 ‘other’ people have received the COVID-19 vaccine as of February 6. Pic: Covid Hub Figures from February 5 showed that 750 unidentified people had received the vaccine. A spokesperson for the HSE told that it is unclear who these people are.  They cannot confirm, however, whether or not they are frontline workers. They said: ‘The “other” category were people who were loaded into the system in a bulk upload from the site. These entries were non-coded, ie, no category information was provided, but that is not to say that they are outside the first two priority groups.’ There have been numerous reports of people not on the priority list receiving the COVID-19 jab. There have been multiple reports about people receiving the COVID-19 vaccine out of sequence.