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Seven bikes can park in a space for one car. Photo: Courtesy of Oonee Shabazz Stuart has done the math. New York City might be in the midst of a pandemic-fed bike boom — cyclist counts over the East River were 55 percent higher in November 2020 than one year before — but there’s barely anywhere to park those bikes. That creates huge barriers in a city where one in four households reports having had a bike stolen. “If we want to achieve 30 percent mode-share on bikes and scooters, we have to take parking seriously,” Stuart tells Curbed. “There are three million free parking spaces for cars; if you took just 5 percent of them for secure bike parking and charging, you’d have spaces for one million bikes.” To start changing those numbers, Stuart’s Brooklyn startup Oonee is deploying the Oonee Mini, a new secure bike-parking pod for residential streets. Each is about the size of a sedan, fitting (physically and symbolically) within the footprint of a curbside parking spot. Two of these boxy containers, which hold seven bikes each, will be installed somewhere in the city as part of a pilot program paid for by scooter company Voi, which won a City Innovation Fund grant as part of its imminent expansion . Users can sign up for a subscription to get remote access, and spots are first-come-first-served. Each pod costs $12,000 to $17,000 to manufacture, depending on the materials and amenities — pumps to inflate tires or charging docks for e-bikes or e-scooters; rooftop gardens or seating are also options — and once they’re in place, Oonee handles maintenance, operational support, and snow-shoveling . Oonee already has larger bike-parking setups in place at transit hubs like the Staten Island Ferry, but these smaller curbside versions hint at something broader. Stuart envisions a network of citywide facilities that serve people who ride bikes and scooters, with flexible, neighborhood-appropriate solutions that could roll out block by block. The pods are modular, and thus can be customized to a wide range of colors and finishes, which Stuart believes can make them as ubiquitous, useful, and handsome as subway wayfinding. “High functionality meets high design,” he says. “What if bike parking was just as iconic?” To gather feedback from potential users, Oonee is asking the public where it should put those first two new pods , and will be releasing the data it collects to show city leaders where New Yorkers want bike parking. But Stuart also realizes that the response to an online survey doesn’t accurately reflect demand, so Oonee will also be doing its own outreach to find potential locations with lots of bike-dependent useful site residents, especially those with essential workers. In a recent report , Transportation Alternatives framed the lack of bike parking in the city as a major equity issue. For all the talk about the “hunger games” of car parking , consider that there are 1.5 free on-street parking spaces for every car registered in New York City but only one bicycle spot for every 116 bikes. That disparity especially hurts New Yorkers who use their bikes to do work, says Transportation Alternatives’s Cory Epstein.

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seismic monitoring devices The cybersecurity issues of seismic monitoring devices Seismic monitoring devices linked to the internet are vulnerable to cyberattacks that could disrupt data collection and processing, say researchers who have probed the devices for weak points. Common security issues such as non-encrypted data, insecure protocols, and poor user authentication mechanisms are among the biggest culprits that leave seismological networks open to security breaches, Michael Samios of the National Observatory of Athens and colleagues write in a new study. Most seismologists unaware of the vulnerabilities of their IoT devices Modern seismic stations are now implemented as an IoT station, with physical devices that connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the internet. In their test attacks on different brands of seismographs, accelerographs and GNSS receivers, Samios and his colleagues identified threats to the equipment that information technology security professionals commonly find in IoT devices. “It seems that most seismologists and network operators are unaware of the vulnerabilities of their IoT devices , and the potential risk that their monitoring networks are exposed to,” said Samios. “Educating and supporting seismologists on information security is imperative, as in most cases unauthorized users will try to gain access through a legitimate user’s computer to abuse monitoring networks and IoT devices.” By exploiting these vulnerabilities, a malicious user could alter geophysical data, slow down data transmission and processing, or produce false alarms in earthquake early warning systems, the researchers noted, causing the public to lose trust in seismic monitoring and potentially affecting emergency and economic responses to a seismic event. Security assessment of seismic and GNSS devices Samios and colleagues launched a security assessment of seismic and GNSS devices attached to their own monitoring networks after a security incident at one of their seismic stations. There are several potential weak points in the security of these devices, they noted, including physical security in sometimes remote locations, difficulties and costs of updating security of hardware and software, usage of non-encrypted protocols, and default or easy login credentials. Using their cybersecurity skills, the researchers tested these weak points using a typical “ethical hacking” process to surveil, scan and gain access to geophysical devices with their default settings. The most notable security issues, they discovered, were a lack of data encryption, weak user authentication protocols and the absence of a secure initial-default configuration Samios and colleagues were able to demonstrate a launch of a successful DoS attack against the devices, causing them to be unavailable for the period of the attack, as well as retrieve usernames and passwords for some of the devices. “Security weaknesses between different devices do not depend on the type of the device, but whether this device uses insecure protocols, outdated software and a potentially insecure default configuration,” Samios said. “It is interesting, though, that while these vulnerabilities normally appear on low-cost IoT devices priced at $50 or less, it was also confirmed that they are observed even in seismological and GNSS devices that cost many times more.” Manipulating waveforms transferred by SeedLink As part of their tests, the research team was also able to intercept seismological data transferred through the SeedLink protocol , a data transmission service used by many seismologists. SeedLink may lack some of the necessary encryption and authentication protocols to keep data safe, Samios said. He noted that in a follow-up lab experiment not included in the SRL paper the researchers were able to manipulate waveforms transferred by SeedLink. “This could potentially generate or conceal alarms on earthquake early warning and seismic monitoring systems, leading to disturbing situations,” he said. While device manufacturers and data transmission services should take steps to improve security functions such as data encryption , Samios said, seismic network operators can work with information security experts to help them develop safer user practices and enhance hardware and software systems.